Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chill Out

Here is a chill out mood playlist I've been listening to recently that you may like some of.

'Another World' by The Chemical Brothers

This one is from their superb 2010 album 'Further'. All its songs are worth a listen, notably 'Swoon' and 'Dissolve'.

'New Theory' by Washed Out

This amateur music video is sweet and the song is nice, spacey Chillwave Synthpop. Ernest Greene is the guy's off-stage name, he comes from Georgia and he was discovered à-la-Lily-Allen via Myspace before being brought to everyone's attention by music bloggers, like Pitchfork.

'Drinkin' in L.A.' by Bran Van 3000

This was the Canadian band's first single in 1998. Another one that's best served with cold beers and sunshine.

'Que Sera' by Wax Tailor

Came across Wax Tailor thanks to the Klapisch film Paris. Perfect "easy listening". And this video's pretty quirky. Here is a link to the slightly longer version on Spotify.

'Ghostwriter' by RJD2

I was introduced to RJ by a friend who works in a recording studio and was involved with one of his albums. Since then I've noticed this song in particular cropping up in random places; it's been used in a number of adverts.