Friday, June 18, 2010

The worst song you will listen to for at least a very long time

I have just discovered, yes, the worst song I've ever heard. It beats U2, Miley Cyrus, even The Jonas Brothers. I thought I'd share the pain of listening to it.

A Whole New World by Peter Andre & Katie Price (I say Katie Price, it's clearly not her singing):


HEALTH are described by Wikipedia as "an American noise rock band from Los Angeles, California." and that description really doesn't seem very appealing, to me anyway. Fortunately they are much more than that.
I previously knew them only as a band who sort of collaborated with CC, calling it 'Crystal Castles vs. HEALTH - Crimewave'. Which is a brilliant song -

Anyway, my mate Ned who is very knowledgeable about music, instructed me to listen to 'We Are Water' by HEALTH. It's from their 2009 album 'Get Color'. The daring video that accompanies the song is absolute beautiful artistic genius. I love every bit of it.

It reminds me of one of my favourite Oscar Wilde quotes that has always stuck with me: "A woman dancing with her bare feet in the blood of a man she has craved for and slain". It's from his play Salomé.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I don't wanna be learned

Jack Black as Dewey Finn in 'School of Rock'

In preparation for the end of my exams, this coming Thursday (4 days to go), I have been making a playlist of songs about school and mostly what a waste of time it is. Another ploy to avoid revision. Also, I like to play it very loudly when getting ready to go attend yet another GCSE.
It's not very long at the moment but I'll keep adding to it. There's quite a mix of songs, from hard rock to pop, from punk to indie. Some are silly tracks (like 'Fuck School' by The Replacements), others are beautiful and touching (namely 'At Seventeen' by Janis Ian). It includes obvious choices like 'School's Out' and 'Another Brick In The Wall' as well as Belle & Sebastian songs.

If you do have Spotify you can check it out here (and subscribe to the playlist if you like, I won't stop you). If you don't have Spotify, you're uncool and it's official.

NB: the playlist does not include High School Musical.

one of the greatest music videos of all time

Friday, June 11, 2010

Chew Lips

Just found this song by watching the Topshop make-up tutorials which all feature 'Play Together' by Chew Lips.
Chew Lips are quite 80s and Crystal Castles-esque in terms of the dominating too-cool-for-school-young-a-tad-lesbian-looking front woman and the rest of the band being camera shy men always wearing dark glasses and hoodies. They sort of sound like The Ting Tings.

And they're touring right this moment, meaning they're going to Glasto, iTunes, etc etc.