Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eliza Doolittle (2)

Peeping behind a mannequin

Just read up on her and apparently she's Sylvia Young's granddaughter. Wow. I used to be on Sylvia Young's Agency for acting but I didn't get that many auditions and didn't get the roles most of the time. I think I was a bit shit. Also when I was about 11 to.. well to now I was/am very moody and none of them liked me much. I wasn't stage school-ey and enthusiastic, I wanted to be in depressing dark films not McDonalds adverts. Oh well. I gave it up completely when I did my last job, a voice over for a film set in France. However afterwards they said they wouldn't hire me again or something because I looked so bored and glum.

Anyway, I was casually shopping in Oxford Street with my two best mates and we went to Topshop. I then saw a crowd gather around a little weeny stage and spotted a sign informing us Eliza Doolittle was going to perform. Like right there and then. Coincimental.
It was rather hard to take pics as I got there last minute but I did my best.

Eliza and her guitarist

I enjoyed her hit, Skinny Genes, whilst perusing the Topshop rails. When that ended she played a medley that sounded, well, quite crap really. She's got a nice voice but the song was generic and boring. One of my mates then informed me she was singing a Justin Bieber song (mashed up with something else I couldn't put my finger on) and at that point I bought everything I was carrying and left. Why would she feel the need to resort to covering Bieber? Or has she simply got no taste? Anyway it pissed me off.

Caption competition?